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Don't Support Costly Habits

Many of us have costly habits. I like drinking wine.

In my 30's I knew quite a bit about wine. I drank it often to "keep myself educated." I still drink wine, but now I am WAY more intentional about it and I drink MUCH LESS.

If you've got costly habits, they could keep you from reaching FI/RE.

Focus on Your FI/RE Vision

What helped me decide to make a change was my strong vision of a FI/RE future. I knew that I would not get there without changing my spending habits.

Once I took a good look at my spending, I was forced to decide what was more important to me: drinking to "take the edge off" whenever the mood struck me OR working towards FI/RE and the promise of enjoying days without edges.

I chose the latter.

Don't Throw Away $60,000

Add up what you spend on costly habits. You know which ones the are. I won't list them here.

If the number is greater than $100/mo, then cut back. Because investing $100/mo over 20 years will net you $60,000!

Are you OK with pissing away $60k and having nothing to show for it? Do you want to follow the examples of people who are?

If you don't have a budget yet, now's the time to start. I use Mint.com. You can use a spreadsheet or a piece of paper. Just start!

SERIOUS NOTE: If addiction is a problem for you, then know that it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Get help. You're worth the effort.



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