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Don't Support Costly Habits

Jump Into the FIRE

Jump into the fire


What's FIRE?

I wish in my early 20's that my parents, relatives, friends, teachers, or ANYONE had told me about how important it is to reach Financial Independence (FI) and have the possibility to Retire Early (RE).

I wish they hold told me that you should not expect to make it to the top of your profession, work to remain enjoyable, or your salary to continue increasing.

I wish they had told me it's not about ending your contribution to the world - quite the opposite. It's about having the control to choose your best life.

I didn't know any of that starting out. I made lots of money mistakes over the last couple decades, but I never stopped striving to develop my financial skills.

When I stumbled across the FIRE Movement, I was ready for a change. I learned about people that were taking control of the financial lives. They shared how they did it. I eagerly followed their examples.

I succeeded. I made it to my FIRE point. Now I am paying it forward and sharing what I know. That's what Millionaire Money Math is all about.

Your Job is Not Secure. The Clock is Ticking.

The first thing you have to realize, is that your financial stability is at risk.

If you have just one stream of income from a job, then just one person - your boss - can take it all away from you, at any time, without warning. It's happened to millions of people before you, it'll happen to millions more.

You could lose your job for any reason at all. It probably won't be fair.

There's plenty of discrimination out there. But there's one discriminatory practice that eventually gets us all: Ageism

Ageism is alive and well in corporate America. It's hard to prove, and easy to implement.

The longer you're employed, the more likely you'll be fired, laid off, let go, and shuffled off to Buffalo so that someone else can make more money.

Hustle Hurts Your Health.

Even if you keep your job, know that it is killing you. Job stress is a main cause of chronic illness in America, which accounts for 75% of our health care costs. You may have come to accept this as normal, but it is not.

Get out from under the unceasing threat of financial dependence and reach FIRE as soon as possible.

Get on the FI/RE Path Now.

The formula is simple: You reach FIRE when you build investments that total (or surpass) 25x of your annual expenses.

ANYONE can do it. Executing the formula is simple. It only requires you to have the courage of your convictions.

Millionaire Money Math is here to help.

Figure Out How to Spend Less

I'll help you identify where to slash your spending. You will cut out the things you don't need. Excessive spending holds you back, slowing your route to FIRE.

As you'll come to see, you don't need much of what the financially dependent consider essential. They're just plain wrong.... and they are very unhappy about their financial situations (when they're brave enough to admit it).

Learn How to Invest for Wealth

I'll help you decide WHERE and HOW to invest. Short answer: whole-market index funds in tax-advantaged accounts.

Are you taking WEALTH advice from POOR people? Stop doing that. Avoid multi-level marketing schemes, day trading, buying individual stocks (including your company's stock), timing the market, technical analysis, and all that bullshit.

Stick with what works and you'll reach FIRE sooner than everybody else.

Ignore Naysayers. Lead Your Life.

Get on the path to FIRE and stay there. Ignore the people who insist on finding excuses to justify their indentured servitude. They are miserable, so don't join them.

Welcome to Millionaire Money Math! I look forward to helping you get there.


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