Don't Support Costly Habits
Take Advantage of Bad Real Estate Investors by Renting From Them

Don't Subscribe to Stuff

When we finally got serious about cutting our spending, we identified $2,373/mo that we wasted. It was all thoughtless spending on SUBSCRIPTIONS.

The $100 here, $50 there stuff doesn't seem like much, but over a year's time the pile up over time. Are you a paying (too much) for subscriptions like:

  1. pharmaceuticals (get generic)
  2. television (drop premium channels, cut cable, go over the air)
  3. wine clubs, food clubs
  4. magazines, audio books
  5. clothes (sock/shoe of the month, etc.)
  6. pet supplies
  7. shopping clubs, delivery services

The moral of the story is:

  • Cut out any recurring expense you have. Pay for use, don't subscribe for access.
  • There is almost always an alternative pay-for-use way of getting services you really need. You don't really need much.
  • Lots of stuff we buy is anesthetic to distract us from the fact that were aren't free

Turn off the automatic spending, turn-on the automatic savings and investment.


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