Bonuses and Stock Options are Bullshit

Who is the ALPHA in Your Life?

The ALPHA in your life is the person or forces that are in charge of it. Who is the ALPHA in your life? To whose whims do you readily bow down?

Your parents? Kids? Boss? Dog?

Everybody dreams about the life they want but almost no one takes charge of their lives. They aren't the ALPHA in their own story.

When you aren't the ALPHA in your life, then your life outcomes are not up to you. Kiss those dreams goodbye. You've got no way to get there from here. Your dreams belong to someone else. Someone else decides how your life will proceed. Someone else decides what's important to you. Someone else decides how your precious, finite time on Earth is spent.

But here's the thing: you gave them that power. Nobody can treat you like the BETA without your consent. 

How do you know you aren't the ALPHA? Long story, short: you are not at peace.

You might feel constantly stressed and tired and mad at the world. Maybe it's just a feeling at the edge of your consciousness. Maybe you wake up having ground your teeth and locked your jaw all night.

To reach your goals, take back your life from the people to whom you unwittingly gave it all away.

Have the empathy, the wisdom, and the bravery to be the alpha in your own life. Shakespeare said "All the world's a stage and we are merely players." But who is on center stage in your life?

I'm not telling you to be a jerk and push everyone else around. That's not the kind of ALPHA that has a great life. I'm telling you to claim your ability to say YES and NO for yourself. 

Get to F-YOU MONEY as fast as you can. It's the easiest and most secure way to become the alpha in your life.

BTW, don't get a divorce because you want to compete with and dominate your spouse to feel like an alpha. That's taking this shit too far. Your spouse is your teammate. Get on the same page with them. The richest, healthiest, and happiest people are those in happy marriages. Look up the data yourself.




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