Jump Into the FIRE

Jump into the fire


What's FIRE?

I wish in my early 20's that my parents, relatives, friends, teachers, or ANYONE had told me about how important it is to reach Financial Independence (FI) and have the possibility to Retire Early (RE).

I wish they hold told me that you should not expect to make it to the top of your profession, work to remain enjoyable, or your salary to continue increasing.

I wish they had told me it's not about ending your contribution to the world - quite the opposite. It's about having the control to choose your best life.

I didn't know any of that starting out. I made lots of money mistakes over the last couple decades, but I never stopped striving to develop my financial skills.

When I stumbled across the FIRE Movement, I was ready for a change. I learned about people that were taking control of the financial lives. They shared how they did it. I eagerly followed their examples.

I succeeded. I made it to my FIRE point. Now I am paying it forward and sharing what I know. That's what Millionaire Money Math is all about.

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